Monday, August 4, 2008

Four articles from Battle for the Soul of Canada

(four articles from the award-winning book 'Battle for the Soul of Canada')

a) B.C.’s first war ­– and its Common Prayer warrior (August 2008)
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In the fourth installment of our series marking B.C.’s 150th anniversary, author and pastor Ed Hird profiles a man of war – and worship.

HOW MANY of us have ever heard how Colonel Richard Clement Moody ‘fought the good fight’ in B.C.’s first war?

In 1858, Colonel Moody’s troops steamed north along the Fraser River to Yale, on the Enterprise.

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b) Mapmaker Thompson a godly man

DAVID THOMPSON, of all the Canadian explorers, was one of the most godly and counter-cultural.

He was so countercultural that, unlike many early explorers, he actually stayed married – even after he became financially successful!

The early 19th century western Canada map was essentially blank until Thompson filled it in. Thompson was one of the master-builders of Canada and possibly the greatest geographer the world has ever known.

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c) ‘Father of B.C.’ Douglas was strengthened by scripture

HOW OFTEN do we give thanks for Governor James Douglas, Father of B.C.?

The province still bears the mark of his vision; but he had little to work with in terms of men, money and materials. But he had determination, and the strength he derived from being steeped in scripture.

Douglas prophetically said: “It is the bold, resolute, strong, self-reliant man who fights his own way through every obstacle, and wins the confidence and respect of his fellows. As with men, so it is with nations.”

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d) Frederick Seymour: the forgotten governor of B.C.

TO have Mount Seymour Provincial Park right in my backyard is such a blessing. My wife and I, along with our three boys, have whiled away many pleasant hours hiking along the mountain’s trails. I often wondered just who it was named after.

After being given a fascinating book entitled British Columbia Place Names, I discovered Mount Seymour is named after the first governor of the united British Columbia colony, Frederick Seymour.

Even though Seymour has been described as the forgotten governor, his name is found scattered throughout the Lower Mainland.

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