Friday, March 14, 2008

Study visit to Crete

Dear friends in Christ,

Please keep my wife and myself in your prayers, as we travel to Crete after Easter (April 1st to 12th) where I will be working on my third book' Restoring Health in the 21st Century'. It is a sequel to 'Battle for the Soul of Canada'.

As Battle for the Soul of Canada is a devotional commentary on 1st and 2nd Timothy, 'Restoring Health in the 21st Century' will be a devotional commentary on Titus, which is all about the island of Crete. Crete was a pirate island for 800 years, so my book will have a lot to do with recovery from a unhealthy pirate lifestyle. "As one of your own prophets said, 'All Cretans are liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons. This testimony is true" Titus 1:12

I have just finished a two-and-a-half month Titus sermon series where 50 commentaries, 10 Crete books, and 20 pirate books were read.

Blessings, Ed Hird+

p.s. If you haven't yet purchased Jan Cox's Bible Study Guide on 'The Battle for the Soul of Canada', I strongly commend it to you.

"A companion Bible study for Ed Hird’s book, Battle for the Soul of Canada, is now available, called Seeking God’s Solution for a Spirit-Filled Canada, by Janis Cox. There are six sessions in the study, each with an excerpt from Ed’s book.
Discuss what God has in store for your life, review the Christian statement of faith as told to Timothy by the Apostle Paul, learn to pray with sincerity and rely on God’s wisdom and come away from this study with new thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm to be the Spirit-filled leaders Canada needs.
The cost of the study is $5.00 for the first PDF copy and $3.00 for each additional printing. Leader’s Notes are free with your first copy. To request a free sample session or to order, email Janis at For more information please see "

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