Thursday, August 20, 2009

Faytene Kyrskow Speaks Out

Rev. Ed Hird is one of my modern day Canadian heros. A man of conviction, passion for truth, God and His ways, passion for his nation and a man who not willing to push against the grain to take a stand for what he knows is truth.

In this amazing literary call, Rev. Hird articulates all these elements like a good soldier fighting for generations to come.

"Battle for the Soul of Canada" is more than a book; it is a call and more than a call; it is a trumpet blown at a critical moment in our nation's history.

I encourage you to soak this text in with faith and determination of heart. Faith and determination to leave this nation better than you found it, for the sake of generations to come.

History will look back on these days and judge.

May we be found strong, true and morally sound on all fronts, as Rev.
Hird exhorts.

Faytene Kryskow
Authory & Director, 4 MY Canada

The Cry Canada

p.s. In order to obtain a copy of the book 'Battle for the Soul of Canada', please send a $18.50 cheque to 'Ed Hird', #1008-555 West 28th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7N 2J7. For mailing the book to the USA, please send $20.00 USD.

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