Friday, December 3, 2010

Archie Southern shares about The Battle...

Hello Ed: Just finished your book-'Battle for the Soul of Canada" I loved it---!!! I am keeping it close by as a 'text book' as I endeavour to engage in the canadian battle for her soul--a battle indeed. A business man embarked from an airplane at the Vancouver airport and got into a taxi cab.At which point he asked the cab driver "I understand that this is national apathy week in Canada, to which the driver promptly responded,"I don't know and I really don't care"! Perhaps the Canadian church{not just Anglicans} is plagued with the affliction of the taxi driver. Your book will surely help in neutralizing this Canadian plight. Thanks for the gift and your insight. Although I hardly know you, I must say that our beloved nation is richer because of this scholarly,spiritual and insightly deposit. May God continue to bless all your efforts in the renewal of the Anglican Way, and your battle for the Canadian soul. Sincerely in Christ. Archie N. Southern Evangelist MissionCANADA The Great Canadian Awakening

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