Friday, February 5, 2010

Feedback from Dr Owen Moss

Dear Ed After the Friday night Service of Healing at the 2010 winter conference of AMiA, we talked and prayed together by the RHINO Technologies table. Thank you for your gracious understanding towards two newcomers to AMiA. Donna and I initially thought you were Bishop Thad Barnum -- and jumped in to thank him for “Never Silent”. Yet you were the exact person God wanted us to meet. Our God is in control (and even sometimes shows us His sense of humor). I am convinced that God wanted our youth pastor, Thomas Kortus, to have a copy of your book (“Battle for the Soul of Canada: Raising Up the Emerging Generation of Leaders”), for me to read your book, and for me to become a partner in praying you through the completion of your next book on Titus "Restoring Health in the 21st Century. I am thankful for getting to talk and pray with you. In the next few days we will get your book to Thomas. However, Thomas will now get a used copy since I read your book Friday night. Your writing style and the format of the book lends itself to fairly rapid reading. What a great set of studies. From now on, as I read Timothy, there also will be thoughts of how much God loves the Canadian people. What struck me is that you have pointed the way to move forward to reach the soul of Canada; you show, through your examples, that there is a gap between Canadians of the 19th century and Canadians of the 21st century. For the one, our God -- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, -- was real and intimate, and for the other, the supernatural in many ways is excluded. This is exactly what J. G. Machen (“Christianity and Liberalism”) described in 1923. And now the baton is passed to us. I will be praying for you to complete your next book. However I should warn you that often I wake up in the middle of the night to pray and when praying for someone, I ask the Lord to also wake that person up and surround him with His presence. Thank you again for being so gracious to two confused newcomers to the wonderful fellowship of Anglican Mission in the Americas. Yours in Christ, Owen Owen R. Moss, Ph.D. Email:

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