Thursday, August 20, 2009

Archbishop Yong Ping Chung, Primate of South East Asia (ret)

Archbishop Yong Ping Chung: I want to recommend this book to all who care about the vital and essential matters of life-the reality of the SOUL in every individual, society and nation.
Ed speaks from his own inner spiritual journey and the reality of peace, joy and life in Jesus Christ. He has sounded the trumpet call to all Christian leaders to face the reality of our time and to join in the urgent God given task of saving the Soul of Canada.
The Battle for the Soul of Canada is the deep cry of a convicted Canadian christian to the spiritual reality of the beloved country he lives and minister as an Anglican Priest. It is a very moving story. Raising up the Emerging Generations of Leaders is the only effective weapon God has given the church to defeat the destruction of the enemy. Out of his own deep study of the word of God, Ed makes this the life calling of his ministry and work. All of us need to learn this lesson well. The are numerous personal experiences that illustrate the deep spiritual principles that makes this book a wonderful reading. May God bless this book at a time like this. Yong Ping Chung Retired Archbishop of South East Asia.

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