Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book reviews by Kimberley Payne and Johanna Mallory of The Word Guild

“An amazing amount of research and background information was provided in an easy-to-read and encouraging tone. I particularly liked the chapters "Working out at God's Gym" and "Seven Deadly Sins at the Weight Room" (gee I wonder why :))”Kimberley Payne , author of
Fit for Faith' wrote this review Rated 3 stars

“In Battle for the Soul of Canada Rev. Ed Hird pairs readings from 1 & 2 Timothy with historical and cultural vignettes in a series of messages challenging us with the importance of raising up the emerging generation of Christian leaders in Canada.  Ed writes, “the key to renewing the soul of Canada — and the heart of this book — is to be found in raising up Timothys”. And that’s exactly what Battle for the Soul of Canada sets out to equip us to do.Each chapter is short and informative. There’s also a companion study guide available, Seeking God’s Solution for a Spirit-Filled Canada, at”Joanna Mallory wrote this review
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